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Important Financial Numbers To Watch

Ask SCORE             I’m a retired sales and marketing guy who’s recently purchased a local convenience store. What are some of the key numbers I should be monitoring... Read more


Business Expenses: What's Deductible

Ask SCORE              I’ve been an independent media and public relation consultant for almost a year. As a first-time self-employed tax filer, what business deductions... Read more


Managing Your Credit Score

For most start-ups and early stage small businesses, the key factor in whether a lender will loan you money is your personal credit score. But just how do those credit agencies... Read more


Ask SCORE, June 2011 - Business Leasing

    I recently graduated from chiropractic school and plan to open my own practice. I’m going to need various medical equipment, such as chiropractic tables, x-ray machine, etc.,... Read more


Ask SCORE, November 2009 - Planning

I started a lawn irrigation company two years ago, and despite a challenging economy, we have done quite well. Everything seems to be running smoothly, but I’d like to know what I... Read more