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News Releases

Ask SCORE             I recently launched my business as a wedding and event planner. Read more


Buying an Existing Business

I’m considering purchasing a local, long-established dance studio. I have the training and skills to run it, but have never bought a business before. What advice can you give me?  Read more


Partnership Agreements

Ask SCORE           A friend and I are considering becoming partners in purchasing an existing, somewhat successful hobby shop. Read more


Going Green

Ask SCORE          A newly hired employee has suggested that we try to more environmentally conscious in our light manufacturing business. Read more


Creating Your Website

Ask SCORE             I recently opened a sports memorabilia shop and now want to add an online component to sell my merchandise via the Internet. Read more


Taking Time Off

Ask SCORE             I’ve operated a local convenience store for almost seven years, never taking off more than an occasional weekend or holiday. Read more