Mike Lynch and Gary Adams were employees of a Massachusetts laser machining company when, in 2002, they decided to set out on their own. Using their combined savings, they purchased some of the assets of their former employer’s New Hampshire operations and established Laser Advantage, a laser job shop, service provider and systems integrator, in Nashua.


My successes. 

Though they possessed expertise in all the technical aspects of laser technology, they lacked experience in running a business, so they turned to SCORE. Counselor Glenn Boston was able to provide that financial and operational guidance, and the partners learned quickly. In its six years, Laser Advantage has tripled its sales, and now does work not only nationwide, but internationally

How SCORE helped. 

SCORE’s business experience complemented Mike and Gary’s technical expertise.

"We've been working with SCORE for six years!"

Mike continues to meet with Glenn a couple of times a year, discussing current business issues and using him as a sounding board for their ideas.

Laser Advantage, LLC