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Cash Flow SCORE Template

Cash Flow SCORE Template Read more

Business Plan - Existing Business

I recently sat down with a local banker to talk about a possible business loan for my fledgling tool and die business. She seemed to be encouraging, but indicated I would need to... Read more

BizIQ Radio

Podcast on BizIQ Radio : Don Byrne and Andrea O'Brien speakwith Jeff Rapson of SCORE. This show originally aired August 6, 2016. Read more

Evaluating Accounting Software

Ask SCORE             My home improvement business has outgrown the basic accounting software that I’ve been using. I’ve done a little research on what’s available, but... Read more


Disaster Planning

Ask SCORE             Hearing daily about not only natural disasters but also about political unrest and terrorism, what can I do to protect my business from the effects of... Read more


Borrowing from Family and Friends

          After working in the industry for a number of years, I want to start my own catering business. Conversations with a couple of banks about financing have not been... Read more


Ask SCORE - September 2014 - Selecting An Accountant

Ask SCORE           My beauty supply business has grown significantly in the short time we’ve been in  business and I’m considering hiring an accountant. How do I find the... Read more