The Top 5 Tools For Your Mentoring Toolbox

Active mentors were surveyed, inputs consolidated. The top five most commonly used mentoring tools are available below.


Overview : Alexander Osterwalder, an entrepreneur, speaker and business model innovator, invented the Business Model Canvas and lead author of Business Model Generation. This approach to business planning is now being taught in over 200 university business schools.


Overview:  The Merrimack Valley Chapter of SCORE has a very robust workshop program whose aim is to supplement our mentoring and help achieve SCORE’s stated mission to foster vibrant small business communities through mentoring and education. 


Overview: The Cash Flow The Cash Flow Statement shows the flows of cash – in and out – during the period. It is a powerful tool to help understand and manage the finances of the business. 


Overview: AtoZ Databases contains thirty million records for domestic companies. AtoZ company profiles include company contact information.

      Startup  Established

Overview: A Startup Business Plan serves as a roadmap guiding the launch of a new business. Business plans for an established business guides continued success to the next stage.