Pilera came out of our other website design and development business, Patelligence. A friend came to me with needs for his community and we decided to build the product to help him with that. Once it was coded, we realized that it could also help other people.

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How SCORE Helped: 

SCORE has been involved with us from the beginning of Pilera. During our development phase, my counselor, Glenn Boston, setup a meeting with other SCORE counselors with background in real estate to help us do marketing analysis. That lead to other meetings and marketing reviews with real potential clients. Glenn also put us in touch with Dick Kuhl, who helped in coming up with an overall marketing plan for Pilera, including our video, brochures and website. Glenn also helped me come up with a budget and a business plan. Furthermore, Glenn helped with coming up with a budget and sales benchmarks, which we review periodically to see how the company is doing against them.

My Successes: 

Our main point of success is measured by the growth of communities and property management companies using Pilera. Within two years, we are being used by over 100 communities and 10,000 residents.

What's Great About My Mentor?: 

Glenn is very easy to get along with. I like his honesty and candid responses, which helps with future plans for business. He is also wonderful about following up and getting other SCORE counselors involved that might help progress my business. He has a wealth of knowledge about business planning that comes in handy.