Be a Super Connector (Even if You're an Introvert)

Are you a business card collector or a super connector? It's time to stop networking and start building connections. Adrean will share insights and strategies for greater engagement highlighted in the best selling book by Superconnector by Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh

Superconnectors are create communities using their social capital. They know how to manage a professional community and maximize its value. During this SCORE presentation on 12/12/18, discover how to build relationships that matter for your greatest success.

Business Plan Basics

Taking the time to write a business plan will force you to think through some of the most important issues you may have not otherwise considered. With our partners, TD Bank, dive into creating a business plan that will clearly define your business, identify your goals and serve as your company’s resume.

Write Your Business Plan 

After this workshop on 11/28/18, you will walk away ready to write your business plan by learning:

  • How to get started with your Plan
  • What should be included
  • How the Plan is used

Cape Cod Retailers Roundtable - FALL 2018

Calling all Cape Cod Retailers!  Cape Cod Beer organized a Retailers Roundtable and invites you to Join your peers for an evening of talking shop – specifically retail!  

This is an open forum for business owners, retail managers, and retail staff to talk about the challenges in our industry, what works and doesn’t work for them, and share best practices.  Our hope is that everyone brings interesting conversation to table and takes away something to help them improve their jobs, their business or their industry. Multiple people from the same company are welcome!