The Power Of Pricing

Most business owners discount their products or services as a panic response when they’re having trouble covering expenses. That’s the same effect as dropping price. Most will succeed in closing more sales but not necessarily profitable sales. What would you rather have; lower revenues and higher profit per dollar of revenues or higher revenues and lower profit per dollar of revenue? 

This ebook is the transcript from the webinar sponsored by FedEx where your success, delivered, is their first priority.  It will help you understand the basics of pricing strategy.


Setting Goals that will Chart your Path to Business Success

To maximize your chance of success in business, you need to have clearly established goals, and a means to effectively measure the performance of your business in advancing those goals.  In this workshop, we will discuss the best system for these essential processes.  

Participants will leave with Goals and Objectives for their particular business.

Mid Cape Chambers of Commerce Workshop Series - A Free Workshop hosted by SCORE Cape Cod and the Islands through a grant from Cape Cod 5 Foundation


Networking like your Business Depends on it...It Does!

To grow your business, you need to grow your network.  This workshop will provide you with the practical tools that you can use to expand your sphere of influence and grow your business.

Participants will leave this session with specific tools that they can use to plan, execute and follow-up on their next networking opportunity.

Upper Cape Chambers of Commerce Workshop Series - A Free Workshop hosted by SCORE Cape Cod and the Islands through a grant from Cape Cod 5 Foundation

2017 SCORE Award Winners

Learn about the achievements of the 2017 SCORE Award winners and how SCORE supported their success.

Simple Steps for Starting Your Business

Is Starting a Business Right for You?

Attend this comprehensive workshop series to help you test your new business idea and get started on the right path. Join us for five, Monday night sessions that help you understand the basics of:
• The concepts involved with assessing a business idea 
• Marketing your product or service 
• Understanding business financials 
• How to fund and finance your business

The first session is FREE.  Cost per participant for the remaining four sessions is $40 total.