Counseling is a Rewarding Experience. 

Volunteering at SCORE is one way to put your education and experience to work helping small businesses in Southern New Hampshire. This may be your opportunity to share ideas and expertise with a congenial group of highly skilled business professionals.  Keep your skills and knowledge current with the fast-changing business environment.  Give back something to the Southern New Hampshire business community. Working or retired owners, managers, executives and specialists, both men and women, can all contribute to our team.

Questions Regarding Membership

Question: What Is Merrimack Valley SCORE?

Answer: One of 389 chapters and 13,000 volunteers nationally. Our headquarters are in Manchester and we have counseling locations throughout south central NH. We have nearly 65 active members, male and female. This chapter was founded in 1967.

Question: Do I have to be retired to join SCORE?

Answer: No. Both retired and working professionals are welcome in SCORE.

Question: What is the first step I should take to join SCORE?

Answer: Please fill out our initial information form and submit. Click this link

Question: Why does SCORE interview candidates before accepting members?

Answer: Transferring business skills into counseling and mentoring situations requires different and additional skills than a business owner or manager may have used. The interviewing process permits both SCORE and the applicant to see if there is a good fit.

Question: Why do new SCORE members participate in a training program?

Answer: The orientation and training program permits the new member to understand SCORE's mission, services, code of ethics and opportunities within the organization. The Mentoring Methodology Training Program provides guidance on how to be a good business counselor, find the resources our clients need and how to develop good listening, interviewing and problem-solving habits

Question: What other opportunities exist for SCORE members?

    E-mail counseling
    Project leaders for ongoing programs
    Guest speaker at local organizations
    Participate in local trade shows
    Workshop leaders
    Marketing SCORE to the NH small business community
    Membership development programs

For more information about volunteering with SCORE click here or contact our Chapter Chair:

Chapter Chair
SCORE Chapter #199
275 Chestnut Street
Suite 133
Manchester, NH 03101
Phone: 603-666-7561